The Network

We Helped Build a non-profit to Defeat Human Trafficking

Brand Identity • Web Design • Print Design • Fundraising
The Project
What We Did

The Network came to Moon March in need of a name and a brand that would stand out for years and bolster their reputation as they engaged with partners in law enforcement, fundraising, government, and civil society.

We named, branded, and designed all facets of the organization – logos, print collateral, web design, document templates, and everything in between. We also helped craft the funding pitch, messaging, and brand story.


Millions of dollars of fundraising and invites to the White House. Not too shabby.

The Network
The Network website

"Moon March is a game changer. Our organization came in conflicted and confused, and through their collaborative approach, we came out with incredible clarity and a renewed passion for our work."

Chris Muller-Tabanera

The Network

Our Process


Our first step was to run our Brand Pillars Workshop, the result of which was a rock-solid brand strategy that serves as the foundation for all creative initiatives.


We then led the team through our Brand New Name process. We arrived at a name that enabled differentiation while being rich in meaning.

Audience Segmentation

Next, we defined the main targets of the website by developing corresponding personas. How can we empathize? What needs and goals do they have when visiting the site? What pain points can be resolved?


We then crafted key messages and defined the website information architecture, identifying content gaps. It was critical to build a data model with the long-term in mind, so that future content would always have a home.

The Network information architecture
Wireframes & Layout

We then created wireframe layouts, empowering The Network team to determine content hierarchy and content layout without getting caught up in visual design.

Visual Design & Production

We then brought the brand to life with a beautiful and own-able visual language, including logo, illustrations, color palette, typography, print collateral, and more.

The Network logo
Color palette

The Network needed to feel both familiar and fresh to audiences ranging from law enforcement to volunteers

"Moon March's holistic approach, from brand strategy to creative execution, propelled our organization forward with a renewed passion."

Chris Muller-Tabanera

The Network
The Network mobile website design