Catalight Foundation

Research & Innovation for an Autistm healthcare provider

Research • Product Innovation
The Project
What We Did

Catalight Foundation serves families of children with autism through direct care and is the largest healthcare network in California specializing in ASD. They wanted to better understand what their customers needed.

We recruited families, practitioners, and operators and performed in-depth qualitative research. We uncovered insights to deepen empathy, clarify communications, and uncover product innovation opportunities.

Family on a video call

Our Process


Our first step was to help Catalight determine who their ideal audience is, and we then developed corresponding research guides.

Audience Segmentation

We ran recruitment and participation screening, ensuring we included only the relevant audiences to ensure consistency.

Project sequence
Insights & Analysis

Next, we interviewed parents, practitioners, and operators via zoom – ensuring all calls were later anonymized and transcribed.

In-Depth Interviews

We then created a robust insights report replete with product innovation and communication opportunities, segmented by audience type.